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Release date: 
September 29, 2015
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Secrets - Single

Ian Thornley’s led quite the career. First as the frontman/primary songwriter in ‘90s faves Big Wreck (“That Song” and “The Oaf” are longstanding Can-radio staples), and following that group’s dismantling, fronting the band coined after his namesake, Thornley. In 2012, he reformed Big Wreck for Albatross, with a Juno-nominated follow-up Ghosts. While he’s confirmed that that band has no intentions of calling it quits, he’ll be embarking on a solo career under his birth name, Ian Fletcher Thornley. “Secrets” is the first look and title track of his forthcoming LP, carefully and minimally orchestrated, with more of an acoustic folky vibe than his standard blues-driven, post-grunge output. He’s accompanied here by a rhythm section comprised of Big Wreck bassist Dave McMillan and Blue Rodeo drummer Glenn Milchem, and the rich, authentic, no Auto-Tune production is courtesy of Daniel Lanois’s right-hand man Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, U2). We’ve always known Thornley was a killer banjo player, so we look forward to hearing it showcased front and centre on the disc, rather than behind a wall of distorted guitars, on finely crafted country-rock tunes.

Secrets is due October 30. Expect an accompanying tour to follow suit.