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Release date: 
February 25, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Lost Dream

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Shake Your Body Down

Digits is the acclaimed project of Toronto electro-singer/producer Alt Altman. A prolific cat, he describes new collection Shake Your Body Down as a mixtape. The title cut is reprised/reworked from 2013's EP Only Affection, while Pick a Piper and (on highlight cut "Lost Dream") Junior Boys' Jeremy Greenspan (a good reference point) contribute remixes of other Digits tracks. This is melodic electro-pop of a high order, and the new material show Digits' creative well is far from dry. The release is available as a cassette as well as a free download at digitsmusic.com. Digits plays Encore Studios in Toronto on Feb. 28. We don't give this the finger, but rather a big thumbs-up.