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July 28, 2014
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Play Show You
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Shawn Mendes - EP

Just less than a month ago, we profiled "Life of the Party", the breakout single from newcomer Shawn Mendes. He immediately cracked the top 5 of our emerging chart and just shot to #1. It’s safe to say now that he’s a viral sensation; through social media network Vine, he’s amassed close to 3 million followers, and “Life of the Party” has already sold upwards of 150k downloads. His new EP of the same name comes out this week, and it should only cement his reputation as a pop-star-to-be. While reigning king Bieber makes headlines out of idiotic escapades, 15-year old Mendes is focused solely on his sincere (albeit pubescent) songwriting, filming cover videos in his bedroom, and connecting online with his legion of preteen followers. All four tracks on the EP could easily become acoustic pop hits – the Jason Mraz-esque "Show You" likely being the next anthem. Life of the Party is just the beginning – expect Mendes to stick around longer than his popular six-second videos.

He’s currently on an extensive tour opening for Austin Mahone. The only Canadian date is a hometown Toronto show at Echo Beach on August 13. Details over on his website