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July 28, 2015
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Shook - Single

Dralms is the working name for Christopher Smith's musical project. He previously recorded under his own name (as on 2012 album Earning Keep), and he really caught our ears with the EP Pillars & Pyre, released earlier this year. Others were equally impressed, and gigs in the U.K. and Germany followed. We're thrilled to learn that a keenly-awaited debut full-length, Shook, is now set for an Oct. 2 release, while the title track and first single has just surfaced.

Smith has explained in a press release that "Shook is that moment when everything changes. Where you hold on to what's true to you for dear life, or let it all crumble, accept it, pick up the pieces and move on". His adventurous and atmospheric music soundtracks such emotions in a very compelling fashion, and the single just heightens our anticipation further. Reference points here would include Radiohead and Talk Talk (or, on the Canadian side, Patrick Watson). An artist to follow carefully.

We expect more Canadian dates around the release of the album.