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Release date: 
November 24, 2015
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Silent Night - Single

In what has become a popular holiday tradition, two ace vocalists, Ali (Slaight) & Theo (Tams), regularly unite to release a Christmas-themed single. They first appeared as Ali & Theo on a seasonal song back in 2009, with "Do You Hear What I Hear", one that raised funds for War Child Canada. A total of nine such collaborations have been enthusiastically received, including last year's double single, "Let It Fall"/"Oh Holy Night". For this year's seasonal single, they tackle one of the most famous of Christmas songs, "Silent Night", and do it real justice. The initially sparse arrangement and the production (by Tawgs Salter) gradually builds in scope and power, while consistently showcasing the beauty of the two voices, alone and together. Their voices blend as harmoniously as egg nog and rum, and the effect is just as pleasurable. Of note: Theo is a Canadian Idol winner while Ali is also a highly-regarded solo singer/songwriter.