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Release date: 
August 12, 2015
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Play Silver Car Crash

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Silver Car Crash - Single

2013 was a breakout year for Montreal art-electro duo Majical Cloudz. While Grimes had been repping the act for years prior, it wasn’t until the band released their LP Impersonator that critical acclaim was so widespread and a wider fanbase was amassed. A Pitchfork cover story revealed that at some point last year, during their tour with Lorde, the pair recorded and scrapped almost an album’s worth of material. But the culling was necessary to complete Are You Alone?, a sophomore full-length due Oct 16. The first melancholic single “Silver Car Crash” is now streaming and finds the band in fine form. Vocalist/primary songwriter Devon Walsh is at his most vulnerable, clearly taking a page from the theatric book of Morrissey, and producer Matthew Otto keeps the production sparse and chilly, very much in line with previous minimalist efforts.

Be sure to pre-order Are You Alone? from Matador Records and see the band’s reputedly killer live performance when they tour next. Currently no dates are scheduled, but that’s likely to change with an album on the way. Follow Majical Cloudz on Twitter for updates.