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Release date: 
June 30, 2015
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Play Rule the World
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Sing It All Away

Sing It All Away is the fourth studio album from Walk Off The Earth, but just their second major label release. 2013's R.E.V.O. was a bona fide hit, with the smash single "Red Hands" hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Triple A chart and notching double platinum sales in Canada. There are plenty of similarly airplay-worthy songs on the new one, and the band is as exuberant and stylistically free-spirited as ever. Early single "Rule The World" displays a tinge of their reggae roots before bursting into one of their signature anthemic choruses, and their popular collaboration with Steve Aoki on "Home We'll Go (Take My Hand)" is included here. The band's social media reach remains huge (2 million Facebook page likes, 2.15 subscribers to their YouTube channel). Singer Sarah Blackwood recently hit the headlines via an incident on a plane, but her band is now making news in a more positive fashion.

WOTE had a North American tour in May and June and appeared on The Today Show and the Much Music Awards. After playing the Axis Mundi Festival in Revelstoke on Sept. 19, they have a massive tour of the U.K. and Europe lined up.