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Release date: 
January 27, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Family oh Family

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Sing to the Night

Their second album, 2012's In The Hills saw word spread about the talent of high-energy folk-rockers Shred Kelly, and they grabbed plenty of CBC Radio 3 play. The pride of the Kootenays have again enlisted ace producer John Critchley (Amelia Curran, Elliott Brood), and he is able to capture their spirited and stylistically eclectic sound on third album Sing To The Night. Not tied to any folk purism, they crank up the guitars and banjo, while male and female vocals and multiple songwriters add to the variety. Extensive touring (they're now a hit on the fest circuit) has helped hone their sound, as is clearly evident here.

The band begin an extensive cross-country Canadian tour with a Jan. 31 CD release party in their hometown of Fernie. For a full itinerary, check their website.