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May 26, 2015
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Sister Mother Daughter Wife

Earlier projects like Mrs Torrance, Microbunny and King Cobb Steelie have brought Tamara Williamson strong peer respect, but she has deserved wider attention for her powerful and poetic solo work. Hopefully that may now come via new (eighth solo) record Sister Mother Daughter Wife. Williamson explains that "every song on the album explores a different women's story that I felt needed to be heard", and she gives voice to these stories in highly eloquent and emotionally intense ways. Her voice has the purity and passion of Sinead O'Connor, and she is a fine lyricist too. An A-list of accompanying players here comprises Morgan Doctor, Mitchell Girio (who mixed and mastered too), Ken Myhr, Kevin Fox and Richard Weisdorf. Her recent collaboration with Absolutely Free, "The Next One", is reprised here in rawer form as "Who's Next". This is riveting, important and timely stuff.

She plays at The Thomas Foster Memorial in Uxbridge on Aug. 7. Let's hope for more performances soon.