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Release date: 
March 26, 2013
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Play Six Dead Tigers

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Six Dead Tigers - Single

Coming off a well-deserved win for “Alternative Artist/Group of the Year” at the SiriusXM Indies, the Kelowna BC rockers drop the infectious single, “Six Dead Tigers”– the 3rd single from last year’s Tiger Talk. The high-spirited hook-heavy track is charting well at #30 on the CAN-Alt chart and with some luck and fan fuss it could and should climb higher. Paired with the previously unreleased b-side “Love is Gonna Change You”, and it’s a killer digital iTunes 2-pack. Based on the band's performance at the Indies, I am definitely recommending that you catch these Blondes on their current tour with likeminded acts Zeus and Grounders. And just for fun, check out Yukon Blonde performing CSN’s harmony-driven “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” at Q107.