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Release date: 
September 9, 2015
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Skeleton - Single

Separately, Edo Van Breemen and Zachary Gray front respected indie rock bands in Vancouver – the former handling piano and vocal duties in the sonically ambitious sextet Brasstronaut and the latter writing the hooks in the pop-minded duo The Zolas. They only met for the first time though while playing a fictional band in the vampire movie Afflicted. The casting director was clearly onto something, as they’ve decided to form a real band together, Unalaska. Their self-titled EP will be released on October 16, and the first single, “Skeleton”, suggests they share a powerful songwriting chemistry, and bring out the best musical tendencies in each other. Gorgeous melodies and lush synth orchestration make the track initially inviting, but it’s the multiple instances of switching gears during its’ six-minute running time (especially the harmonious and swirling guitar plucking at the four minute mark) that leaves a lasting impression. An impressive debut offering.