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Release date: 
July 7, 2014
Total songs: 
Play Burned When You Play With Fire

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Slam! Bam!

Led by the husband and wife team of guitarist Trevor MacKenzie and powerhouse singer Tara MacKenzie, The MacKenzie Blues Band are a group on the move in the Canadian blues scene. Earlier this year, they won the coveted Maple Blues Award for Best New Artist/Group, and they're two-times semi finalists at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Debut CD release Back Road Revelation (mastered at Abbey Road!) scored considerable airplay and positive reviews across Canada, USA and Europe, and now they up the ante on new disc Slam! Bam! Tedeschi-Trucks and Stevie Ray Vaughan are good reference points for their sizzling blues-rock sound. They're playing plenty of blues fests over the next couple of months. For dates, go here