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Release date: 
July 2, 2014
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Play Even the Darkness Has Arms
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Sleeping Operator - Single

Throughout the ‘90s, Brad and Andrew Barr honed their songwriting skills as members in Boston-based improv-rock trio The Slip. They’ve since relocated to Montreal, and hooked up with classically trained harpist Sarah Page (their former neighbor) and multi-instrumentalist Andre Vial to form The Barr Brothers. The quartet’s soulful and rootsy 2011 debut self-titled record helped build a following, and the follow-up, Sleeping Operator, should continue to hook fans. First rollicking single “Even the Darkness Has Arms” is certainly charming us. Underneath the dexterous fingerpicked guitar lines and Brad’s calming vocal baritone delivery, is a thoughtfully written and literate track, a calming take on Americana. Gorgeously arranged and with an empathic core; simply fine folk.

Expect more of this with Sleeping Operator, available October 7 through Secret City Records.