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Release date: 
January 29, 2015
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Play So Down Low

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So Down Low - Single

The Elwins’ 2012 debut And I Thank You was a powerfully delightful record, replete with brisk indie pop gems that seemed tailor-made for inclusion on summer mix tapes for friends. It might not have gotten the attention it deserved at the time, but thankfully the band’s new label, Hidden Pony Records, has decided to give it a re-issue. Along with the announcement of the band’s signing came word of an impending sophomore follow-up, which we’ve gotten a first taste of with early single “So Down Low”. The Keswick ON-based indie pop quartet is in fine form here, reveling in The Strokes-like riffs and unabashed pop hooks that even The Shins would be jealous of. While the track might be a high-energy rocker on the surface, it belies a more personal narrative through its lyrics.

“The song is about feeling awful about things,” the band stated in a press release. “It captures that feeling you have when you realized you really messed something up. We even threw King Kong in there, because sometimes you feel like no matter how hard you try to do the right thing you can still end up being a monster.”

“So Down Low” will appear on the upcoming album Play For Keeps, available February 24.

The Elwins will play the west coast and the prairies in the month of February, kicking off in Saskatoon on the 13th at Amigos. For more info, head to the band’s website