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Release date: 
January 20, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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So Let's Go

For the past 20 years, Alan Doyle has had a significant impact on Canadian music as frontman of Newfoundland favourites Great Big Sea (collective album and DVD sales of 1.2 million here). In recent years, he has branched out as an actor (Republic of Doyle- no relation) and best-selling author and also begun a solo career while keeping GBS active. So Let's Go is his second solo album, following on from 2012's Boy On Bridge, and NCM's Noah Siegel recently praised the title track first single as "a rollicking, up-tempo delight". The swelling choruses of "I Can't Dance Without You" and album closer "Take Us Home" are also destined to make them live favourites, while Doyle also convinces on the folk ballad "Lay Me Down To Perish" and the boisterous "Sins of Saturday Night". His instantly recognisable voice remains in top shape here, and he gets songwriting assistance from the skilled likes of fellow East Coaster Gordie Sampson and Thomas ‘Tawgs’ Salter.

The hardworking troubadour began an extensive Canadian tour this week in Kitchener, and he also has 20 American dates lined up. For details go to his website