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Release date: 
June 2, 2015
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Some Day - Single

If you can judge a band by the company they keep, then The Washboard Union are headed for the big time. Their self-titled 2012 debut album was co-produced by superstar rock producers Bob Ezrin and GGGarth Richardson and upcoming EP In My Bones was produced by Trey Bruce (Faith Hill, Randy Travis), in the legendary RCA Studio A in Nashville. The sextet's convincing and high-octane blend of country-rock and bluegrass has now landed them a deal with Slaight Music in partnership with Warner Music Canada and Sakamoto Entertainment, and radio-friendly lead single "Some Day" is a winner, thanks to a catchy melody and strong vocal harmonies

The band are playing some major summer festivals this summer, including the Calgary Stampede and Big Valley. Check their site for details.