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Release date: 
September 30, 2014
Total songs: 
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Sometimes Chicken, Sometimes Feathers

If your tastes in country are more Dwight Yoakam and Daniel Romano than Keith Urban, then Graham Nicholas will be up your alley. There's a real retro sound to his new record, Sometimes Chicken, Sometimes Feathers, one that complements his twangy vocal style nicely. Producer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Comeau (Jerry Leger) and a talented supporting musical cast do effective work, with Raven Shields adding harmony vocals. There's a nice mix of hurtin' ballads ("Heart, Please Forgive Me" is our fave) and up-tempo toe-tappers. Fine stuff. This is the follow-up to 2013 EP,  Ruby, and Other Bedtime Stories and 2011 album Bury Me Beneath The Dance Floor.