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Release date: 
August 12, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
Play My Back Pages (feat. Greg Keelor)
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Songs By Other People

As his work in roots-rock heroes Cuff The Duke has shown, Wayne Petti is no slouch as a songwriter. On the aptly entitled Songs By Other People and under the moniker of Grey Lands, he shows his talent as an interpreter, via warm and fresh versions of tunes by an A-list of songsmiths that includes Bob Dylan, Lee Hazelwood, M. Ward and Canadian faves Buffy Ste. Marie and Sloan ("Coax Me"). Helping out is an elite cast including Hayden, Greg Keelor (their "My Back Pages" is a highlight), Sarah Harmer, Joel Plaskett, Tamara Lindeman, Julie Fader and Randy Bachman. Available on CD, digital and as a limited edition (300) vinyl release.

In a cool promotional gambit, Grey Lands previewed the material by performing on board a VIA Rail train from Toronto to Vancouver.