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Release date: 
November 20, 2015
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Sophia - Single

Outside of already knowing that Van Damsel got their band name from an old Dillinger Escape Plan deep cut, you’d never be able to tell that these guys used to be a metal band. The Kamloops BC quartet’s synth-pop affections are palpable and their fondness for hooks belies their riff-laden lineage. Case in point – their new, funky, and radio-friendly single “Sophia”. Following the single “Best of Everything” from earlier this year, this track has widescreen aspirations, piled synths and clean delayed guitars, and a giant chorus. Both tracks will appear on a forthcoming self-titled debut album, due sometime in 2016.

Also of note – the band recently placed in the top 3 of the Peak Performance Project, nabbing a cool 50k in prizes.