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Release date: 
March 24, 2014
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
Play Where's Yesterday
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Soul Movement Vol. 2

T.O.-based hiphop artist/producer Slakah the Beatchild scored major kudos for 2008 album Soul Movement Vol. 1 and 2011's more r 'n b oriented Something Forever (by the project he fronts, The Slakadeliqs), and he notches another winner with Soul Movement Vol. 2. As the title suggests, he again draws on soul and r 'n b flavours (he terms his sound "soulful hiphop"), adding strong melodies to his organic beats, while "Byram's Groove (Cut a Rug)" is one cool n funky and mostly instrumental tune.  Notable guests on the album include Glenn Lewis, Spek Won, and Tanika Charles. Slakah's production chops have been used by the likes of Drake and Divine Brown. Nothing slack about this beat child. Slakah plays The Drake in Toronto on April 10.