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Release date: 
August 4, 2015
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Soul's Journey Home

Singer/songwriter James Bruce Moore introduced himself in 2013 with his well-received debut record, Lisbeth. It drew from folk, country, and jazz elements, while the sound of his superb new second album, Soul's Journey Home, is more folk-based. Some tunes could be called chamber-folk, as they feature a nine-piece strings section (and masterful arrangements from Aaron Davis). Moore is a fluent acoustic guitarist, and he has a warm and mellow voice, perfect for delivering his eloquent reflections on life and love. George Koller (Loreena McKennitt, The Shuffle Demons) produces cleanly, and other ace accompanists include Steve Briggs, Denis Keldie, Mark Mariash, Kirsten Rea, and David Piltch. A lovely soul-searching musical exploration.

Moore is expected to begin playing Toronto-area dates. Check his site for details.