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Release date: 
June 16, 2015
Total songs: 
Play Tip of My Tongue

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It is self-titled, but this is actually the third full-length album from Soulstack. We gave the thumbs-up to 2013 effort Five Finger Discount, a disc that expanded their following in both Europe and North America. There's a refreshing variety to the Soulstack sound, as they draw upon blues, soul, and Americana influences (reference points include Little Feat and The Meters). Mainman (and album producer) Jon Knight has a strong and versatile vocal style, and his band (including two keyboardists) comprises top-notch players. The album was recorded live off the floor through a NEVE console onto 2-inch analog tape, resulting in a rich warm sound.

Reportedly a group that thrive live, Soulstack launched the disc with gigs at Toronto's Orbit Room on June 18 and Ottawa's Rainbow (June 20). For other upcoming gigs, go here