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May 29, 2012
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Sound of Freedom

The Canadian Forces Personnel and Family Support Services (CFPFSS) is set to release a fundraising album, Sound of Freedom, on Tuesday, May 29, 2012 (Willow Music / EMI Music Canada). Proceeds from the album will be assigned to the Support Our Troops Fund. The album features a unique collaboration between musician members of the Canadian Forces, and civilian singers featuring Alexandria Beck, Alan Frew, Mark Masri, Luke McMaster and Annie Villeneuve. The band is appropriately titled, MARCH ON. Produced by Glass Tiger's Sam Reid, Sound of Freedom was recorded largely at the Canadian Forces Central Band Studio in Ottawa and at Newmarket, Ontario's SlipOne Digital in 2010 and 2011.

"I think it may surprise Canadians to hear that the military is the largest employer of musicians in Canada," says Sam Reid. "These guys are trained soldiers, but great musicians as well. The amount of professionalism, talent and dedication they brought to the process was brilliant."

The Support Our Troops Fund is an official resource that provides support to former and serving members of the Canadian Forces and their families. It benefits programs such as the Soldier On Fund and Hospital Comforts Fund, Operation Santa Claus, the Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund and the Military Families Fund. The CFPFSS organization is wholly dedicated to providing morale and welfare programs and services to military families and to serving and former Canadian Forces members, by helping them meet the specific challenges brought about by the conditions of their service. For example, the Military Families Fund offers a wide range of support, including everything from financial assistance for the relocation of those discharged for medical reasons, to funding tutoring and badly needed home renovations for Canadian Forces members with special needs children.

MARCH ON's featured vocalist, former Canadian Forces member Alexandria Beck, was inspired by her family's long involvement with the military and was one of the youngest recruits to the Canadian Forces Reserve Band. Sound of Freedom also features songs by Platinum selling Quebec songstress, Annie Villeneuve, singer/songwriter Luke McMaster, multi-instrumentalist Mark Masri and five-time Juno nominee Alan Frew. Glass Tiger bandmates, Sam Reid and Alan Frew have been supporters of the Canadian Forces since the mid-90's and have toured to entertain troops serving in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Sound of Freedom's eleven tracks reflect the personal challenges often faced by members of the Canadian Forces and their families.