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Release date: 
November 21, 2013
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Reggae
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Starcity Shakedown

To record their first full-length album Starcity Shakedown, the Steadies’ frontman Earl Pereira had to reflect on the tricks gleaned from working with some of the world’s top producers. As the bassist in Juno-winning trio Wide Mouth Mason for close to two decades, he had plenty of opportunities to see how the A-list get the right sounds. When it came time to lay down some new dub-pop concoctions, there was no question that it would be done DIY. Along with guitarist/former engineer Justin “Juice” Lee and a fresh perspective from new drummer Lexie Miller, Pereira nailed down what he believes is the finest moment in his career so far. It shows; the 12-track album comfortably blends dance and reggae with infectious pop, making them a unique voice in their hometown of Saskatoon. Starcity Shakedown can be purchased from the band’s website. Fans of 10cc will undoubtedly recognize "I Don't Like Music (I Love It)" as a smart spin on the Brit band's #1 hit "Dreadlock Holiday".

The Steadies are touring in Saskatchewan and host a CD release party this Saturday, Nov. 23 at the Artful Dodger in Regina. Dates here