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December 8, 2015
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Stay Gone - Single

Powerhouse vocalist and skilled songwriter Melissa Bel has three well-received recordings to her credit, beginning with her 2010 debut full-length Brave. Stylistically eclectic, she terms her sound "pop-soul", and it mixes both classic and contemporary influences. Bel has been writing and recording with ace producer/songwriter Justin Gray (Joss Stone, John Legend), and current single "Stay Gone" is an early (and winning) result. The track showcases Bel's more pop side, with its big production sound complementing her lament about a lover's refusal to stay gone -"every time you leave you come crawling back to me." Very impressive, and we keenly await an upcoming EP in 2016. Of note: Bel toured internationally as a backing vocalist for Francesco Yates. She has built an audience in Quebec, one boosted by her reaching the finals of hit TV talent show La Voix there last year.