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Release date: 
August 12, 2014
Total songs: 
Hip Hop/Rap
Play Real Grind (feat. Wiley & Andreena)
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While Toronto is currently home to a thriving hip-hop scene, rising star Tre Mission actually developed his loyal fanbase over in the U.K. He’s known for being one of the few respectable non-English grime rappers, and could popularize the subgenre over here with his debut studio record, Stigmata. Surprisingly, it’s the self-produced beats and atmospherics that’s the highlight here – the slick, trap-meets-drum&bass and occasional dub sound just elevates his machine gun-like and pointed lyrical delivery. The guest stars don’t overshadow the main man either; fellow Canucks k-os and Saukrates pop by for a pair of tracks (“Jessica” and “Get Doe”), and grime heavyweight Wiley spits out some verses on the hook-heavy “Real Grind”. Last year’s mixtape Malmaison suggested talent, but Stigmata confirms it.