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June 30, 2015
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Still in Love - Single

For an artist under the age of 21 (and born after the release of Nas’s Illmatic and Enter the Wu-Tang!), Jahkoy sure has been at it for a while. He started at the age of 11, rapping under an alias before realizing how many other artists shared the same moniker. Now he’s releasing music under his birth name, and is poised for a breakthrough. The Toronto-born and currently LA-based solo songwriter/producer is quickly building a reputation as a go-to-collaborator, having already worked with tastemaker Kaytranada and confusing tweet generator Willow Smith. With his ultra-smooth electro-R&B solo single “Still in Love” making waves online (over 200k streams in 3 weeks) and a forthcoming album, Temptations, targeted for a mid-to-late summer release, his name might soon be mentioned in the same breath as soulsters Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, and FKA Twigs. Keep an eye on this one.