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October 13, 2015
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Stone Bleeds Honey

Toronto-based country/folk troubadour Darcy Windover has an appealing and convincing vocal style and real songwriting ability. Both these assets are showcased on fine new album Stone Bleeds Honey. The local peer respect he enjoys is reflected in guest appearances here by the talented likes of Paul Reddick, Melanie Brulee, Sarah Burton, and Kristen Bussandri. The album was produced and mixed by Aaron Comeau (Jerry Leger) and recorded at Lincoln County Social Club and The Trailer. Windover's rootsy band The Ole Fashion (also featuring Brulee and Burton) has toured across Canada, and he's now poised to make a solo spash. Of note: Windover also builds retro-styled amps and guitars.

He launched the album at Toronto roots music mecca the Dakota last week.