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Release date: 
October 27, 2015
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The pride of Barrie, ON, folk-rockers Stonetrotter are poised to make a wider splash via their excellent self-titled debut full-length (they've released two earlier EPs). The aptly-entitled "Duets" is a gorgeous and haunting song featuring alternate male and female vocals (Dave Allen and Courtney Dubois respectively), while other compositions (all by Allen) are equally appealing and well-constructed. Handsome Family fans should certainly investigate. Of note: Their killer version of Payolas classic "Eyes Of A Stranger" is featured on the 2014 Quick Before It Melts Dominionated compilation.

Stonetrotter launch the album with an Oct. 30 show at Hugh's Room in Toronto, followed by seven other Ontario dates, including T.O. shows at The Burdock, Nov. 28 and Dec. 6. Check their site for more info.