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May 22, 2012
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Jacob Hoggard was one clever dude while on Canadian Idol in 2004, since he basically just used the show as a promotional vehicle to promote his band, which kind of paid off didn't it? Now one of the most famed young pop-rock groups in Canada, Hedley has been nominated for 15 Junos, earned 10 #1 spot videos on the MuchMusic countdown, and received recognition from Pollstar [2010] as one of the 100 best touring acts in the world. Their fourth album, Storms was produced by long-time collaborator Brian Howes and is said to be more "groove-based". 

“This is a record that I think a lot of people are going to be able to live their life by – that things go up and down, but we have the strength within us to carry on,” Hoggard says. “I live and breathe every note on this album and want everyone to know that within us, we all have the constitution to endure.” - Jacob Hoggard [frontman]

Hedley have been playing together for 10 years.

I feel really old right now.