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Release date: 
April 1, 2014
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Stormy Northern Days

Now a valued member of Blue Rodeo, Colin Cripp's illustrious Canrock career dates back to '90s faves Crash Vegas and Junkhouse. He has played guitar on and produced albums for the likes of Kathleen Edwards and Jim Cuddy, and he now steps into the spotlight as a singer/songwriter on lovely debut solo album, Stormy Northern Days. Despite the title, this is a mellow and reflective record, with its pensive and poetic songs delivered in an understated easy on the ear vocal style. Talented pals like Ladies of the Canyon, Derek Downham, Kate Rogers, Joshua Van Tassel and Kendel Carson lend a hand, while multi-instrumentalist Chris Stringer also produces and mixes a few cuts. Touring with Blue Rodeo will keep him busy, but let's hope for a few solo gigs.