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October 6, 2015
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Subcontinental Drift

Recent JUNO Award nominees and 2014 SiriusXMAward winners Sultans of String are one of Canada's hardest-working and most successful world music ensembles. They traverse many continents in their wide stylistic explorations, and new album Subcontinental Drift (a mix of instrumental and vocal tunes) is no exception. They call it "a smorgasbord of ragas, reels and rumbas", and it is an East meets West  effort with raga master Anwar Khurshid (featured in Life of Pi). Many members of the group write, adding to the variety, while there's a fresh remake of Dylan anthem "Blowin' in The Wind" here too. Nice to see the album will get a U.S. release on SONY/Red in January 2016. Of note: In 2013 Bandleader Chris McKhool received the Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal for his community activism/education through music.

With Khurshid on hand for some shows, Sultans of String are now playing across Canada (and, occasionally, the U.S.), with an official CD release show set for Toronto's Trinity St. Paul's Centre on Oct. 30. Check the group's site for a full itinerary.