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Release date: 
September 8, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Folk
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Summer in Canada

Eloquent singer/songwriter Daniel J. Meyer describes his lovely new album Summer In Canada to us as "sorta singing anthropology. It is primarily about my experiences growing up in Vancouver." The haunting title track and "Kitsilano" are good examples here (sample lyrics from the latter: "The house was built in 1908 And sprung up to fill the hill And on the porches were a slew of kids Enveloped by marijuana residue"). His cited reference points include Sufjan Stevens and Low, and feelings of a melancholy-tinged nostalgia are evoked with real skill via a pleasingly melodic voice and sparse yet effective arrangements and production. Long U.S.-based, Meyer explains that "the album was 100% self recorded in a basement in New Jersey. I'm on all instruments/vox". Summer In Canada is his second album, following on from 1997's Slow Down, and it's one highly worthy of your attention.

Let's hope he can be enticed north of the border for gigs.