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April 21, 2015
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Summer - Single

Kathleen Munroe is a Hamilton-raised ACTRA-winning actress (Flashpoint) now making a mark in L.A. via a role in the series Resurrection. She also happens to be a talented singer/songwriter, working under the Munroe moniker. On May 12 she'll release her self-titled EP on Hidden Pony Records, and a couple of advance tracks are sparking interest. The new second single, "Summer" is a quietly atmospheric song with a vocal performance that suggests Hope Sandoval of Mazzy Star, but with a warmer vibe. It is accompanied by an evocative desert-set video clip. Word is that the EP will include contributions from Julie Fader (Etiquette) and members of Young Rival and New Hands, and we are certainly eager to hear more.

Munroe played a showcase gig at Toronto's Dakota Tavern earlier this week. She has a hometown Hamilton gig (alongside Fast Romantics and Grey Lands) at This Ain't Hollywood on May 1, as part of an I Heart Hamilton fundraiser.