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Release date: 
October 27, 2015
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Sun Machine

Electro-rockers Beat Market made a splash with their 2013 full length debut Red Magic, nominated for electronic album of the year at the ADISQ Awards. That was primarily the creation of synths man Cliche, but the addition of drummer Bellavance turned BM into a duo, and their first full recorded collaboration is new album Sun Machine. Their highly entertaining sound has been described as "Futuristic Sci-Fi Disco" and it shows that Chromeo aren't the only fun dance-meisters from Montreal. Daft Punk and Giorgio Moroder are other apt reference points. Beat Market are quickly gaining a rep for energetic and eye-catching live shows, and they went over big at Liverpool's Sound City Festival earlier this year.

Beat Market recently launched the album with gigs in Montreal and Toronto. They play Newspeak (M for Montreal) on Nov. 20.