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September 9, 2014
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Play Sunshine Superman (Live)
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Sunshine Superman - Single

Seriously talented jazz singer/composer/bandleader Emilie Claire-Barlow has found an appreciative audience in Japan as well as Canada. Released a few months ago, her album Live In Tokyo confirms that, and it also functions as a fine introduction to her now impressive discography. A highlight track is Barlow's imaginative and very cool reconfiguration of Donovan's psychedelic classic "Sunshine Superman", which originally appeared on her 2010 album The Beat Goes On. Five Barlow albums have earned Juno nominations for Vocal Jazz Album of the Year, and she won in 2013 for Seule ce soir. For details of upcoming fall concerts in Ontario and Quebec, check her website.

Barlow is one of six current nominees for the lucrative Vista Prize. To cast a vote in the contest, head to Facebook