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Release date: 
July 14, 2015
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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On mesmerising new album Sunstroke, Copilots serve up trippy psychedelia laced with avant-garde and noise inflections, and they do so with a level of instrumental excellence not usually exhibited by most current practitioners of the genre. Band members are or have been in the likes of Juno-winners Fond Of Tigers (leader Skye Brooks drums for them), Inhabitants, Pugs and Crows and more. Many of the songs clock in at eight or nine minutes or more in length, yet they never seem over-extended. Cited influences include Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Frank Black and Husker Du. This is Copilots third full-length and it is one worthy of serious attention.

They perform at the ArtsWells fest in Wells, BC, Aug. 1-3, then head east for six dates (including the Bloor Ossington Fest in Toronto on Sept. 18) plus a date at the Copper Owl in Victoria on Oct. 2. Check their site for a full itinerary.