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Release date: 
January 13, 2015
Total songs: 
Country, Blues
Play Play Me Some Blues and Keep It Country
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Swamp Tooth Comb

The TG in TG and the Swampbusters is veteran Hamilton roots-rock singer/songwriter Tim Gibbons. He paid dues in Steeltown rock bands The Shakers and the Trouble Boys, collaborated with Daniel Lanois on the Sling Blade soundtrack, and has won Hamilton Music Awards as a solo artist. In this new combo, Gibbons fronts a guitar/bass/drums trio with a virile sound that draws on blues, country and rock 'n roll with real finesse on their new album Swamp Tooth Comb. They have a track called "Play Me Some Blues and Keep It Country" that explains their modus operandi. Gibbons has a gritty Dylanesque vocal style and is a fine songwriter. The disc was given a soft local launch last year but now gets a deserved wider release.