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Release date: 
October 14, 2014
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Symphony Of Ghosts

The poetic title Symphony Of Ghosts is an apt hint at the literary bent of this lovely new debut album from Halifax-based songsmith Dan MacCormack (formerly in Grassmarket). It is inspired by the writing of famed Canadian novelist David Adams Richards, with each of the ten songs focused on a different Richards' novel. The musical setting is Canadiana folk enriched with inventive arrangements and instrumentation (some top local players are featured) and the fine production of Jason Michael MacIsaac (Heavy Blinkers, Jenn Grant). There are dark ghosts lurking in the lyrics here, but the aural richness on display keeps despair at bay. This will certain appeal to Justin Rutledge fans and is worthy of real attention.

A CD release concert is at The Company House in Halifax on Oct. 17, followed by other East Coast dates. Check out his website for details.