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Release date: 
June 12, 2012
Total songs: 
Play Artificial Nocturne
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Their fifth full-length opens with "Artifical Nocturne", which strikes hard instantly with lyrics like "I'm just as f*d up as they say, I can't fake the daytime, I found an entrance to escape into the dark". "Lost Kitten" carries the album into a dream pop zone where the high pitch and candy sweet vocals are strangely mysterious. The previously released "Youth Without Youth" still remains a centerpiece on the album, and opens a dialogue about the social structure of the now. "The Void" is a particular favourite, specifically because of the way Haines delivers vocal patterns and paces tone with prose. Then comes "Synthetica", the rock-steady track that makes Metric, Metric. "Clone" has some great instrumental work. Synthetica is out on Metric's own label MMI (Metric Music International). The band is touring in 2012 playing shows in North America, UK, Europe and Australia.