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December 1, 2015
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Take the Highway - Single

Hard-working roots-rocker Andrew Johnston released and toured a strong EP, Brace For Impact, back in the spring of 2014. He's now back in action with a new single, "Take The Highway", one that maybe would have suited the summer driving season better. Still, it'll sound great blasting out of your car speakers and, with any justice, some commercial rock stations. Tom Petty is an obvious reference point for his melodic sound, and there's a nice dynamic arc to the track. "Take the Highway" is out as a digital release, packaged with a bonus track, Johnston's cover of Corey Hart's rather cheesy '80s hit “Never Surrender.” Johnston has been releasing albums under his own name and in various group guises since 2006, and he deserves a higher profile. Of note: In 2014, Johnston's song "Go Get Another Dream" was featured in the Joss Whedon film In Your Eyes, and on the star-studded soundtrack album.
Johnston has just finished a seven-city Ontario tour and has upcoming dates at St. John, NB's Taco Pica (Dec. 4), Charlottetown, P.E.I's Babs’s Lounge (Dec. 7), and  Moncton, NB's Igloo Beverage Room on Dec. 8.