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Release date: 
October 20, 2015
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Play Angel

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Taking Flight w/ Lucas

Chillmaster producer Ryan Hemsworth has had immense success with his Secret Songs label – it’s afforded up-and-coming beatmakers an excellent opportunity to showcase their tracks, with significantly boosted visibility. The latest offering in the series is an entirely new EP, Taking Flight, a collaborative effort between Ryan Hemsworth himself and Seattle-based producer Lucas. While it’s the result of back-and-forths, it shares less of its’ DNA with The Postal Service’s Give Up than it does modern R&B, video game samples, trap, and as the band describes – “childhood and pop punk”. Ethereal ambiences, trip-hop-styled pulled-back beats and soothing tones make it a worthwhile listen, far more than a tide-over release.  

Dl tracks for free over on his Soundcloud