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Release date: 
June 23, 2015
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Play Rebel Without a Cause

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Talk to Strangers

The name Fiona Bevan is new here, but the London-based singer/songwriter (a dual citizen of Canada and Great Britain) is no stranger to hit success. In 2012, a song she wrote with pal Ed Sheeran, "Little Things", was a chart-topper for One Direction and brought Bevan a BMI Award (she has also written with popular Australian pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer). Talk To Strangers, her debut album, showcases a different side, presenting well-crafted and well-produced artful pop (Kate Bush works as a reference point). "I love clever, interesting pop and I adore storytelling", Bevan says in her label bio, and it shows. The album came out in the U.K. a year ago, with lead single there (and an album highlight), "The Machine," becoming a BBC favourite. Fascinating fact: Bevan's ancestors include the author Robert Louis Stevenson and Toronto's Gooderham & Worts distillery brewing clan.

Bevan played an industry showcase at Toronto's HMV flagship store earlier this week. We attended and were suitably charmed. Her upcoming U.K. shows include an Oct. 24 appearance at London's Roundhouse alongside such legends as Ginger Baker, Ian Anderson and Phil Manzanera. That's a long way from boy band territory!