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Release date: 
May 13, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, R&B/Soul
Play Be Good To Your Woman

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Tech Noir

Julian Taylor made a real mark as frontman of soulful rockers Staggered Crossing and he now regularly racks up over 200 gigs a year with his own super-tight band. He manages to sound both classic and fresh on superb new album Tech Noir, one that covers the gamut of soul, r 'n b, funk and rock. His core band is augmented by a horn section on some cuts, as on the sizzling "Zero to Eleven". That track and earlier single "Never Gonna Give You Up" have already had a major impact, while new single "Be Good To Your Woman" is another winner. We were lucky enough to catch his showcase at Dora Keogh last week, and he reportedly dazzled at his CMW gigs, thanks to his well-honed (after 20 years!) performance chops.