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Release date: 
August 20, 2014
Total songs: 
Rock/Pop, Alternative
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Telephones - Single

In just a short few years, East Coaster Mo Kenney has established herself as a songwriter’s songwriter. Don’t believe us? She’s already baited a fisherman’s net full of awards, including the Canadian Folk Music Award for New/Emerging Artist of the Year, an East Coast Music Award for Pop Recording of the Year, three Music Nova Scotia Awards and the highlight – the 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize. She’s likely to carry that reputation even further with an upcoming sophomore record, In My Dreams, due Sept 30. Working once again with mentor/producer Joel Plaskett, it’s an active effort to try to break out of her comfort zone.

"It is definitely bigger sonically,” says Kenney in a press statement. “I see it as different lyrically too. I am quite private and I used to be a little cryptic to protect myself, but I have been writing more honestly lately. This record is definitely honest.”

While early single “Telephones” might seem like a revealing look into her personal life, it’s actually a bang-up cover of a track originally by Haligonians Mardeen. Expect the originals on the record to be delivered with just as much conviction.