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Release date: 
June 9, 2015
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Play Ten Seconds to Sundown

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Ten Seconds to Sundown - Single

Successful film actor/screenwriter/producer Anthony Tullo is now bringing his creative energy to country music. We were impressed by last year's album Switching Tracks (possibly a reference to his career transition), and one single, "Borderline", notched some BBC airplay in the U.K.. One of the album's highlight tracks, "Ten Seconds To Sundown", has just been released as a single. It has a sexy and sunny vibe ("she was hotter than Mexico") and Tullo's vocal has a Bob Seger feel. Its video helps showcase his acting chops too.

Tullo recently visited 14 Ontario country stations and showcased at CMW in Toronto. We also spied him making the scene at the CMAO Awards last month. We won't be surprised if he makes their nominees list next year.