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November 2, 2015
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The Arp - Single

This writer was tipped off to the talents of Victoria BC songwriter Aidan Knight after seeing him and his band open for fellow west-coasters Hey Ocean! (it was a knockout show – for proof check out a cover they teamed up for, of Arcade Fire’s "Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)"). He’s been relatively quiet though since the release of Small Reveal in 2012, which NCM writer Kerry Doole exclaimed was a “stunningly accomplished and ambitious album”. He’ll be back for another round on heavily anticipated follow-up, Each Other due Jan 22. It promises to be a thoughtful and inspired effort, years in the making. Liner notes from him and the band include credits as esoteric as “tape manipulations, flugelhorn, French horn, vibraphone, Rhodes, Roland Juno Synthesizer” and more. The disc was mixed by Mathieu Parisien (Patrick Watson, Karkwa) and mastered by renowned engineer Fred Kevorkian (Willie Nelson, The White Stripes, Phish). The August-released track “All Clear” and new single “The Arp” are gorgeous headphone delights, balanced by subtle and lush arrangements and a showcase for Knight’s velvety timbre.

Be sure to check out the wonderfully surreal music video for “All Clear” here and keep posted for Canadian live dates.