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March 17, 2015
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The Boss Is a Woman

On her third album, The Boss Is A Woman, country singer/songwriter Jacquie Drew shows who's boss. We were impressed by her two earlier records, Rolling Wind and Red Hot Candy Heart, and she sustains that quality level here, with the aid of ace band The Crew. They include Canadian Country Music Hall of Famer Wendell Ferguson, while Juno-winning sound engineer Danny Patton co-produces with Drew. All the tunes are Drew originals, and the title cut is a rousing and fun feminist declaration - "I wear the pants and I can fill out a sweater". The fact that Drew is a boss by day (in her marketing business) adds resonance. An ode to her beloved Calgary, "Sunshine City," is another highlight.

The band play Powderhorn Saloon in Bragg Creek AB on March 27.