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March 18, 2014
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Play I Wish You Well
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The Burning Bright

Yes, it is his real name, and it's fitting there is something regal about the music of Royal Wood. The songsmith brings class and craft to his pop-rock stylings, delivering them with a rich and resonant voice, while his charm as a performer has earned a sizeable and loyal audience. He follows his Juno-nominated 2012 release We Were Born To Glory with a very strong fifth album, The Burning Bright. Wood digs deep here, the results of using a songwriting trip to Ireland as a healing process from a marital split. The up-tempo first single "Forever and Ever" charted well, but it is the more introspective material (such as "Promises" and "I Wish You Well") that really hits home. Wood (and his superb band) has Ontario and East Coast dates upcoming. Go here for details.