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July 21, 2015
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Play The Distance That Took You Away
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The Distance That Took You Away - Single

The long-running annual summer punk event, Warped Tour, is not having its best year. As Stereogum details, an alleged sexual predator was booked to the bill and kept on despite protests, and another band, Slaves, were kicked off the tour after allegations of assault towards a merch girl, and bizarrely enough, sewage dumping. But there are some successes too – as in the rise of SayWeCanFly, the solo acoustic project of Lindsay ON native Braden Barrie. His dedication to his craft, a relentless touring schedule (on and off the Warped Tour), and a DIY ethos in his teenage years has already helped him amass an impressive and eager fanbase (over 650k FB fans and 1 mil+ streams for a 2013 single, "Scars"). This week, Epitaph Records signed the songwriter to their label, joining the likes of Bad Religion, Motion City Soundtrack, Refused, and Rancid. A new video for “The Distance That Took You Away” also debuted on MuchMusic, which might mean more teens will be tuned towards his emo stylings. Keep an eye on this one – he might very well become the Dashboard Confessional of the selfie generation.